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Online searchable editions; Complete works of Cervantes


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        Don Quixote first editions
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Online Searchable Editions

Complete works of Cervantes. Ed. by R. Schevill/A. Bonilla (Madrid, 1914-1941)

Complete works of Cervantes. Ed. Florencio Sevilla Arroyo and Antonio Rey Hazas, Centro de Estudios Cervantinos (Alcalá de Henares, 1993-1995)

Don Quixote Illustrated

Don Quixote. Fourth-Centenary Translation. Translated by Tom Lathrop (Newwark, 2005)

Don Quixote in TEI

Don Quixote, First Part (1605). Fourth-Centenary Translation.
Translated by Tom Lathrop (Newwark, 2005)

Don Quixote, Second Part (1615). Fourth-Centenary Translation.
Translated by Tom Lathrop (Newwark, 2005)

Other editions

Plays. Association for Hispanic Classical Theater, Inc.

Novelas ejemplares. Ed. by Frances Luttikhuizen (Barcelona, 1994)

Semanas del Jardín. Modernized edition by Daniel Eisenberg (Salamanca, 1988)

Facsimilar Editions --- Don Quixote first editions

Don Quixote (Madrid 1605). Princeps edition

Don Quixote (Madrid 1615). Princeps edition

El Quijote at Biblioteca Nacional: facsimilar editions.

Facsimilar Editions --- Don Quixote classic editions

Don Quijote. Historia del famoso cavallero, Don Quixote de la Mancha. Edited by Juan Bowle.      Londres: B. White et al and Salisbury: Eduardo Easton, 1781. 3 vols.

                Illustrations in Rev. John Bowle's Edition

                Annotations to Rev. John Bowle's Edition

Vida y hechos del ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de La Mancha. Londres: J. y R. Tonson, 1738.
      4 vols.

  El Ingenioso hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha.  Madrid: Don Joaquín Ibarra, 1780. 4 vols.


Don Quixote. Part I (1605) and Part II (1615). English translation by John Ormsby (London, 1885)

Don Chisciotte. Part I (1605) and Part II (1615). Italian translation by Bartolomeo Gamba (Roma: Edoardo Perino, 1888) Illustrated by Gustavo Doré

Novelas ejemplares (1613). Ed. by Annalisa Argelli (Il Novelliere Castigliano di Michel di Cervantes Saavedra, tr. G.A. Novilieri Clavelli, Venezia: Barezzi, 1626. Novelle di Michel di Cervantes Saavedra, tr. Donato Fontana, Milano: Vallo e Besozzo, 1627)

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Don Quixote Dictionary. Compiled by Tom Lathrop Copyrighted and used by permission (juan de la Cuesta, 2004).


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